Local March for Life Events within the Diocese of Western Anglicans

Find out where you can March for Life this January! Local March for Life Events Within the Diocese of Western Anglicans CityStateOrganizationDateMore InfoCasa GrandeAZCasa Grande Life WalkJanuary 11, 2020https://casagrandelifewalk.com/ PhoenixAZArizona for Life March & RallyJanuary 18, 2020https://azliferally.org/TucsonAZTucson March for LifeJanuary 11, 2020https://www.tucsonchapter.org/2019/12/10/arizona-marches-for-life/ HemetCARally and Walk for LifeJanuary 25, 2020OaklandCAStanding Up 4Life Oakland WalkJanuary 24, 2020https://www.issues4life.org/s4life.htmlReddingCARedding Walk for... Continue Reading →

“Finding Sacred Joy in Suffering”: Rev. Cathie Young at the Anglicans for Life Summit 2019

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e5JrdM6tNTo&list=PL7p2AAcz9AHiIQbJNgJdVjKT1QtiBEd8U&index=2 Physical sickness and emotional pain are all around us. This workshop will deepen our understanding of the measure of Christ’s presence that is available to those who suffer. Learn to engage your parishioners and extended community on how not to run from suffering, but to embrace it as part of the sacred joy of... Continue Reading →

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