Life Beyond Roe

A unique, once in a lifetime webcast is coming tomorrow, Wednesday June 29, 2022 8-10 PM EST (5-7PM PDT) when “top pro-life leaders and organizations are joining together in record numbers for a movement-wide online event following the Supreme Court’s Dobbs v. Jackson decision, to chart a path forward amidst this new, post-Roe America.”

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March for Life just sent out a letter detailing the fascinating news that has come out recently

“The March for Life, and our President Jeanne Mancini, have recently been featured in several articles that dive deep into the pro-life vision for this next chapter in the fight to protect the unborn and women in unexpected pregnancies. We are especially humbled to see Jeanne’s leadership highlighted in a special profile in the Washington Post Magazine, online now and in print soon.”

To read the rest of their email and the articles they refernce, click here:

A Prayer for Churches to pray as our Nation fights over abortion.

from Anglicans For Life

Thank you, Lord God for creating every human being in Your image. Help us see life as a gift from You, sacred and worthy of love, protection, and respect. Forgive the United States for allowing 63 million babies to be aborted. As our country prepares for a change in the abortion laws, prepare the hearts of people to provide support, encouragement, and practical help to the mothers facing unplanned pregnancies, who feel alone and unsure how they will manage. Comfort all those who have had abortions these past 50 years, assure them that their children are in heaven with You, and as they seek Your forgiveness, You forgive them. We also pray for those who are angry about the law changing, help them recognize that it is more important to protect unborn babies than to protect the ‘right’ to kill through abortion. As states consider abortion laws, inspire legislation that protects the unborn, and deny passage of laws that extend killing babies through birth. Help us as a country to welcome our unborn brothers and sisters so they can fulfill the purposes You created them for. We pray all this in Jesus mighty Name, Amen.

WatchCenterpoint: April 5, 2022 AFL Georgette Interview

This week Centerpoint on TBN has been featuring the abortion issue which is before the U.S. Supreme Court with a decision expected in June. Below is a link to a wonderful interview that Deacon Georgette Forney of Anglicans for Life which aired on Tuesday, April 5th. In sharing her own story I think she gives a thorough explanation about the pain and suffering endured by post-abortive women (and men). Beloved, these are our sisters, mothers, daughters, nieces, and friends who are in our pews every week and yet sit silent in their shame and suffering. Like many people have always wondered how something legal could feel so awful.

Please take the time to watch this impactful video and pray about how your parish could consider ministering to the women and families that are suffering in silence. We as life leaders need to come alongside them in their pain and provide the tools of forgiveness and healing that they so desperately need. Let us be the arms and hands of Christ, ready to embrace them in love and hope. I highly recommend the Forgiven and Set Free course which Georgette speaks about (and which I participated in at St. James many years ago). I would be happy to connect you with Silent No More which offers this course and other healing materials.

The video is free, but you will have to create an account:

The second link below features a good legal discussion about the abortion issue and its history (April 4th’s broadcast).  I believe both these videos will provide you with some helpful tools, not only in ministering the women and men who have experienced abortion but also in discussing the matter with your congregations as a whole.  We certainly will be hearing more about this issue in the days ahead so let us be informed and prepared to stand in the gap for the unborn who are defenseless against these horrific procedures now being performed to the tune of nearly 1 million lost lives per year. Again, the video is free, but you will have to have an account:

40 Days for Life has Begun

Dear Faithful Life Supporters and Prayer Warriors,

March 2nd marked the first day of the spring 2022 campaign for 40 Days for Life. As we each begin our chosen Lenten discipline, I ask that you consider holding up in prayer the safety of God’s precious and dear unborn children and those that are fighting on the frontlines to protect them. God does hear our prayers and tells us to collective raise them up to Him. So won’t you consider incorporating a prayer for not only the unborn but also the frail and elderly in your daily time with the Lord. 

I invite also invite you to attend one of the many prayer vigils to be held throughout the Diocese during Lent. Locations, times, directions, and local instructions can all be found at 40 Days for Life’s website ( by entering your zip code and following the prompts.  Suggested prayers and signs are also available at this site.

I pray that the Lord will draw you close to Him during this season of Lenten and thank you for coming along the Life Ministry in support of and encouragement for His precious gift of life.


Betsy Shelton
Diocesan Life Ministry Coordinator

OneLife LA 2022: An Amazing Day for Life

The OneLife LA walk may be over for the year, but the fight for life is not. Want to be a part of our year round work? The DWA Life Ministry meets quarterly to discuss diocesan events of interest and opportunities for parishes to partner with organizations within their communities that affirm and support life throughout its entire spectrum.  We invite you to be a part of this dynamic ministry or be an advocate within your parish.  For more information please contact me at

The walk itself was an amazing day. Anglicans throughout the L.A. Deanery showed up in force on Saturday, January 22, 2022, to stand for the sanctity of life on the 49th anniversary of Roe versus Wade.  Over 30 eager participants gathered for the OneLife LA walk whose “mission is to unite communities and inspire positive action through an annual event that promotes the beauty and dignity of every human life from conception to natural death.”[1]

Saturday’s walk was a fantastic gathering of young and old and all ages in between.  Bishop Keith led the walkers in midday prayer before they headed off with nearly 5,000 others who had assembled at the base of Olvera Street to wind through the streets for about a mile before ending at Los Angeles State Historic Park.  Praise songs punctuated by prayers for the unborn as we sorrowed over the heavy losses in the last years: Did you know that nearly 62 million lives have been lost in the United States alone since Roe vs Wade passed in 1973. 

Many of those gathered held signs such as “Human life is not disposable”,” Choose life”, and “Pray to end abortion”.  DWA parishioners joined in with their own signs as well as the familiar Anglicans for Life green signs that proclaim, “Anglicans honor, celebrate, and protect life.”

But all was not sorrowful.  There was a spirit of anticipation throughout this joyous and peaceful walk as reflected in this year’s theme of Forward in Hope.  Yes, as we move together forward in hope we can not only save the lives of the unborn but also those of the fragile, needy, and elderly that are in our own backyards.  We work to achieve the goal of a culture where abortion, assisted suicide, and euthanasia become unthinkable.

 As those who walked this year will attest, Saturday’s walk was not just an event; it was and is a call to build up our communities, to be the love of Christ to those in need, be they pregnant women, the elderly, the disabled, the dying, the homeless, or children in need of foster care, or any others. I challenge every church to reflect upon what your parish family is doing to bring Christ’s Light into the darkness of these lives and to stand in the gap for those who can’t help themselves.  Resources abound so there is no need to reinvest the wheel;  just look around, speak to your community leaders, garner from the experiences of others already doing life-affirming activities. 

A special thank you to all who took the time and energy to be a part of this event.  To both the country and the world at large your presence served to “proclaim the vision of an America where every human life is sacred.”[2]  Many have shared that this experience is like no other; emboldening them to stand firmly for life and help those in their own communities that are in need of support, encouragement, and healing.  Please enjoy the pictures of your time together and share them with friend and family so they too will want to join us next year.

I pray that those of you who came as well as those of who could not come this year (including me) will mark your calendars in bold letters to come on January 21, 2023.  As we continue to faithfully serve our Creator God, please don’t forget to pray for the justices of the Supreme Court as they ponder their decision on Dobbs vs. Mississippi and the ongoing challenges to the Texas abortion ban. 

May their hearts and those of all legislators around the country be soften that we as a nation can repent of our sins and once again turn with joy and gladness to our Creator God and Heavenly Father for strength, wisdom and courage.

In His Love and Service

Betsy Shelton


[2] Ibid

Looking for a Lenten Discipline? Try 40 Days for Life

40 Days for Life’s Spring 2022 campaign begins on March 2nd and runs through April 10th.  This Christ-centered organization provides a wonderful daily devotional as well as opportunities to gather in prayer with like-minded life supporters within our communities.  Since 2007 40 Days for Life has saved over 20,000 babies through the prayerful support of faith warriors like you.  Alone we are but a tiny voice in the wilderness but together we become a mighty wave of change with the ability to wipe out the horrors of abortion and its tragic aftermath in the lives of so many.  Please consider restoring the fullness of Christ in these hurting lives by practicing and participating in this prayer vigil as your Lenten discipline.

More information can be found at